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This web features photos I have snapped over the years. A few photos are more than 40 years old. None of the photos may be reused without my permission. Those interested in purchasing an image, please email me at tt@ttviews.com

I retired a few years ago to do what I am passionate about --.taking photos, working in my perennial garden and tending my orchids. I had worked at The Kansas City Star for almost 35 years, mostly as a journalist. I first had been a reporter mostly writing about government and politics. Later I became a consumer columnist and finally the administrative manager for the editorial division of The Kansas City Star.

I am a member of the Great Plains Nature Photographers, the Orchid Society of Greater Kansas City and the Master Gardeners of Kansas City. I am in charge of all the perennial planting areas of the Whispering Meadows Home Association, a volunteer position.

 If you wonder who the old geezer is hanging onto the boat tiller, it's me in my sailing days. I don't sail anymore. I can't stand those hot days with no wind. Sailing had been a passion for about 15 years. The photo below of me was taken years ago at Lake Superior in Michigan. We towed our sloop "Sheet Music" there twice to see what really big blue water looked like. Most of the time "Sheet Music" sailed the small brown waters of Lake Jacomo, just east of Lee's Summit, MO.  Terrence Thompson


 Click here for information about Terrence Thompson's photography books.