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The Cottage at Lagnes In Provence

We stayed at a 200-year-old stone farm cottage while we were in Provence. The cottage is not far from the medieval village of Lagnes. Scroll down to see all the photos.

The cottage had been remodeled for tourist rental and had all the modern conveniences. We were within walking distance of Lagnes, where we could buy breakfast pastries and locally made wine and cheese for evening meals. We always enjoyed our biggest meal of the day at lunch while touring the countryside. In the evenings we sat on the patio, munched on bread, cheese and apples, sipped wine and watched the sun go down.

Above is how the cottage looked from the road.

Here's a view inside the courtyard. Big shrubs of blooming rosemary were everywhere in the courtyard.

Our bedroom was just up the stairs shown here. There was a more convenient stairs inside.

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