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Provence in Early Spring

We spent three weeks in Provence in 2006. Scroll down to see all the photos. Then click on the buttons on the left to see more photos.

Above is a photo of one of the many hilltop towns  in the "Beautiful Villages" area of Provence.  Many villages in Provence were settled on hilltops more than a thousand years ago as a protective measure. The hilltops gave towns vantage points so they could see approaching danger. The high location also helped the townspeople defend their cities.

Provence is still a mostly rural area with villages dotted among farms and vineyards. Above is a  farm with a canola field in bloom in the foreground and vineyards greening up in the background.

Above is the Abbey of Senanque. The monks of this twelfth century abbey cultivate lavender to help finance the community. In late summer the rows of lavender shown above turn a glorious purple. Here it is spring and the lavender is just starting to grow.

The village of Gordes is a beautiful area built up the side of a steep hill.  It is a popular tourist stop. A restored Renaissance chateau tops the hill.  The village is always crowded with people and cars so get there very early in the morning if you want to find a parking place.

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