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Spring Blooming Shady Perennials

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Above are photos of various columbines that have bloomed in the garden. The plants generally thrive only a few years and have to be replaced frequently.  That provides for some variety of flower colors year to year.


Above left is brunnera, middle is pulmonaria and at the right is wild phlox. All bloom early in the spring. Pulmonaria, with its light-colored, mottled foliage, is a great foliage plant all summer long in the shady garden.


Here are some more early spring bloomers. On the left is a foam flower plant, in the middle are bleeding heart blooms and at the far right are the diminutive flowers of a Solomon's seal plant.


Above are the very first blooms in the spring, a Lenten rose on the left and crocus flowers in the middle and at the right.


Additional spring bloomers are the dogwood at the left, redbud in the middle and squaw weed on the right.

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