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The Perennial Garden - Overview

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Here's our backyard perennial garden. This had been a scruffy area of rock, dirt. weeds and clumps of scrawny grass shaded by oak, locust and elm trees. We bought some books on gardening in shady areas to get a start. Almost every fall our neighborhood garden center challenges us by putting its shade-loving perennials on sale at half price. Since then we have planted about 500 plants comprising of more than 50 varieties.  The original ideas of planting so many different varieties was to see what thrived and what died. However, the combinations of the various shades of greens and types of foliage turned out pleasing to our eyes. For a view from another angle look below.

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Here's some of what we have growing in our garden. This changes from year to year as some plants decline and we add new ones. However, listed below are the plants that seem to do the best at our location:

Agastache, Anise Hyssop - Big Blue
Agastache, Anise Hyssop - Blue Fortune
Agastache, Mexican Mint - Honey Bee Blue
Aster - Blue Wood
Astilbe - Hennie Graffland
Astilbe - Rheinland
Astilbe - August Light
Astilbe - Bridal Veil
Astilbe - Deutschland
Astilbe - Fanal
Astilbe - Glut
Astilbe - Peach Blossom
Astilbe - Rheinland
Astilbe - Spinell
Astilbe - Sprite
Astilbe - Purple Candles
Astilbe - Vision in Pink
Astilbe - Vision in White
Azalea - Girard's
Azalea - Tradition
Bee Balm (Monarda)- Fireball
Bee Balm (Monarda) - Grandview Scarlet
Bee Balm (Monarda) - Jacob Kline
Bee Balm (Monarda) - Marshall's Delight
Bee Balm (Monarda) -Prairie Night
Bee Balm (Monarda) -Raspberry Wine
Black-Eyed Susan - Goldstrum
Bleeding Heart
Bleeding Heart - Fringed
Brunnera - Alkanet
Brunnera - Heartleaf
Bugbane - Black Cohosh
Bugbane - Black Cohosh, Hillside Black Beauty
Columbine - Various
Coral Bells - Purple Palace
Coral Bells - Raspberry Regal
Daylily - Pardon Me
Fern, Autumn
Fern, Japanese Painted
Fern, Male - Undulata Robusta
Fern, Shield - Crispa Cristata
Foam Flower
Geranium - Claridge Druce
Geranium - New Hampshire
Ginger, Wild
Hosta - Golden Tirara
Hosta - Royal Standard
Hosta - So Sweet
Hosta, Plantaginea - August Lily
Hydrangea, Endless Summer
Hydrangea, Preziosa
Korean Houttuynia
Lamb's Ear
Lenten Rose
Ligularia - Golden Ray Dark Leaf
Lily, Asiatic - Various
Lungwort - Diane Clare
Lungwort - E. Bertram Anderson
Lungwort - Margery Fish
Masterwort - Hadspen Blood
May Apple
Monkshood - Azure
Monkshood - Stainless Steel
Obedient Plant - Vivid
Peony - Sarah Bernhardt
Phlox, Woodland
Prairie Trillium
Purple Cone Flower
Queen of the Prairie
Sedum - Autumn Joy
Solomon's Seal
Spotted Dead Nettle
Spurge, Japanese
Stoke's Aster - Blue Danube, Klaus Jelitto, Purple Parasols
Toad Lily - Blue Wonder
Toad Lily - Dark Beauty
Toad Lily - Empress
Toad Lily - Formosana
Toad Lily - Gilt Edge
Toad Lily - Guilty Pleasure
Toad Lily - Hairy
Toad Lily - Hatatogisa
Toad Lily - Macropoda
Toad Lily - Miyazaki Hybrid
Toad Lily - Samurai
Toad Lily - Shirthotogisu
Toad Lily - Sinonome
Toad Lily - Taipei Silk
Toad Lily - Tojen
Toad Lily - Tricolor
Toad Lily - Variegata
White Snakeroot - Chocolate
White Snakeroot - Native
Wind Flower - Robustissima
Wind Flower - Party Dress
Yellow Archangel - Hermann's Pride 

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