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English Garden
Hint of South
Mountain Influence
Roses & Greenhouse
Tropical Holiday
Eclectic Happiness
White Picket Fence

Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City 2007 Tour

The Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City and nine garden owners welcomed visitors in 2007 Garden Tour to explore beyond the garden gate and enjoy a stroll down the garden path through imaginative and unique gardens chosen for their exquisite thematic plant material, inviting water features, and aesthetic artistry.


The Gardens:

The English Garden with Garden Art

The parterre, topiary, grape vine archways and cottage garden are punctuated with garden art in its many forms. The resident potter will welcome you to her studio where her wares will be available for purchase. Pause a moment on a shaded bench and enjoy the water garden in this large and winding garden.

A Hint of the South
The three-story white house peaks out from a woodsy setting of stately and young trees and shrubs, hostas, ferns and daylilies. Lamp posts and brightly-colored annuals accent this Louisiana-like setting. To add to the serenity, enjoy the small water garden.

A Mountain Influence
A strong structural element is added by the imposing trees and shrubs with rock accents. Softening the strength of the landscape are daylilies, roses and ornamental grasses. The house’s appealing veranda with ceiling fans could leave you dreaming of being in the Rockies.

Roses and a Tropical Greenhouse
From Knockouts to hybrid teas, these ladies have a huge collection of luminescent roses in every color imaginable. For an added bonus, the glass greenhouse in the back garden is full of orchids and anthuriums. Nearby, an eagle guards a water feature.

A Tropical Holiday
The clay “pot man” hiding in the vines in front is only a hint of what awaits in the back garden. A large and winding water garden is the focal point. It is surrounded by elephant ears, cannas, ferns and a banana tree. Take a rest in the hammock and watch the fish swim by.

Behind the White Picket Fence
You’ll find a tidy lawn punctuated with archways, vines, lavender, hostas, ornamental grasses and splashes of annuals. White bird houses help to draw the wildlife to this serene garden.

Eclectic Happiness
The heart of the back garden is a large tree guarding the water feature, fire pit and casual entertainment area beneath. Amidst the cottage garden, ornamental grasses, castor beans and lilies, you’ll find splashes of eclectic art like the chair attached to the shed. Don’t miss the “planted” sports car.


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