Terrence Thompson's Photography



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Above left is Phrag. China Dragon (Grande 'Trinity' 4N AM/RHS x besseae var. dalessandrio 4N) and right is Phrag. Iron Works (longifolium X Sorcerer's Apprentice)


Above left is Phrag. Don Wimber Eric Young x besseae) and right is Phrag. Jason Fischer (Mem. Dick Clements x besseae)


Above left is Phrag. Cape Sunset ( Eric Young x schlimii) and above right is Phrag. Prince Albert (Dick Clements 4N x pearcii 'Birchwood' AM/AOS)


Above left is Phrag. Sedenii 'Blush' ( schlimii x longifolium) and above  right  is Phrag. caricinum.


Above left is Phrag. Nitidissimum x caudatum and above right is Phrag. Ruby Slippers (besseae v. flavum ‘Windy Hill’ x caudatum v. sanderae ‘Green Goddess’)