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Orchid Show Award Winners

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The photo above left won a blue ribbon for orchid photography and the fall 2007 show of the Mid America Orchid Society. The Paph. Gael show on the right won a blue ribbon at the show. Also winning blues were Paph. Honey and Paph. Diane Vickery.

These paphiopedilums all won blue ribbons at the Missouri Orchid Society Show in December 2005 in St. Louis. From left to right are Paph. Recovery, Paph. parishii and Paph. (Pacific Magic 'Formosa' HCC/AOS x Treasure Island 'Jack').

At the September 2006 St. Louis orchid show my Paph. Transvaal and and my Paph. Wossner Vietnam Wings both won second place ribbons. My Hawkinsara Keepsake 'Denver Gold' AM/AOS got a third place ribbon.

At the Kansas Orchid Society Show in Wichita in November 2006 my Paph. Gina Short and Cntg. Morse Code both won blue ribbons.

At the Missouri Orchid Society Show in February 2007 in St. Louis my Paph. Deperle won a blue ribbon and Paph. Petula's Ghost won a red ribbon.