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Mottled-leaf Paphiopedilums

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Above left is Paph. Pacific Magic 'Formosa' HCC/AOS x Paph. Treasure Island 'Jack'. Above middle is Paph. Supersuk 'Eureka' AM/AOS x Paph. (Raisin Pie 'Hsinying' x sib.). Above right is Paph. Red Diamond x Voodoo Magic.


 On the left is Paph. Red Maude x (Paph. Raisin Pie X Magic Flame). In the middle is Paph. Supersuk 'Eureka' x (Paph. Raisin Pie 'Hsinying' x sib). On the right is Paph. Friedrich von Hayek 'Ember Glow' x fairrieanum 'Glamour')


On the left is Paph. Gael (Alma Gavaert 'Hagers' X goultenianum 'France').  In the middle is Paph. venustum v. album ('Maybrook' AM/AOS x 'Jeanie'). On the right is Paph. concolor, a species.


Paph. Petula's Ghost (Macabre 'Haunted' x Petula 'Formidable') is on the left and Paph. Paph. Ho Chi Minh (vietnamense x delenatii) is in the middle and Paph. Flame Arrow x fairrieanum is on the right.

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