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Multi-floral & Sequential Paphiopedilums

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Above  left is Paph. parishii, a species, and above right is Paph. Yellow Tiger (stonei x glanduliferum).


On the left is Paph. Honey (primulinum (yellow form) x roebellinii). On the right is Paph. St. Swithin (philippinense 'Monte Vista' X rothschildianum 'Eric Young Foundation').


Above left is Paph. Lady Isabel (rothschildianum x stonei). Above right is  Paph. Recovery (sukhakulii x  philippinense)


Above left is Paph. Wossner Vietnam Wings (moquettianum x vietnamense) and above right is Paph. Mem. Clifford Walters (philippinense 'War Eagle' x Macabre 'Gerry')

Above left is Paph Transvaal (chamberlainianum x rothschildianum). Above right is Paph. Deperle (primulinum var. flavum 'Lehua Glow' x delenatii 'Dumbo')

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