Terrence Thompson's Photography



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Above left is Masdevallia  Inca Snow, middle is Masdevallia Golden Sun and right is Masdevallia cardiantha.


Above left is Masdevallia jimenensis x deceptrix 'Blackie', middle is Masdevallia Angel Fuzz (Copper Angel x Peach Fuzz) and right is Masdevallia Sunset Jaguar 'Night Breed' (chaparensis x Copper Angel)


Above left is Masdevallia Exquisite Mary (exquista x Mary Staal), middle is Masdevallia Maui Jewel (tonduzii x glandulosa) and right is Masdevallia triangularis.


Above left is Masdevallia (triangularis x veitchiana), middle is Dracuvallia (Drac. vampira x Masd. bicornis) and left is Masd. Gold Dust (veitchiana x rex).