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I developed an interest in orchids when I started buying phalaenopsis orchids at Costco, Lowes and Home Depot. I couldn't believe that they would stay in bloom for up to eight months. Initially I didn't pay much attention to whether there were labels identifying what hybrids the phals were.  So the top two orchids are "noidy" orchids, There were no identification tags in their pots when they were purchased, hence the "noidy" (no ID) name. The one below on the left is Doritaenopsis Alice Girl  and the one on the right is a hybrid of Phal.  Hakugin X ( Phal. Tinny Platinum X Phal. Tinny Hastslyuki)


Above  is left is a  and the one on the right is Phalaenopsis Double Delight..

Above is another "noidy".

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