Terrence Thompson's Photography


I snapped some of these photographs 40 years ago. Some were published in The Star. When I worked as a reporter I carried a Nikon F1 camera and took my own photos for many years.
(Click on an image to see an enlargement)
Birds in Flight Bobber Boys on Ride Carnie Worker Carnies and Friends
Carnival Vistor Carnival Woman Chess Player Crystal Music Maker Day Lillies
Deutch Family Dole and Rockefeller Eiffel Tower No 1 Eiffel Tower No 2 Exackta Shot
Fish Fountain Flower No 1 Flower No 2 Flower No 4 Flowers No 3
Four Frauliens Girls on Ride High School Fashion Karlsruhe Girl Karlsruhe Vender
KCK Actress KCK Priest Man at Spanish Steps Marietta Fogel Mushroom
Native American No 1 Native American No 2 Norte Dame No 2 Notre Dame No 1 OKC Adult Theater
OKC Man OKC Poster Wall Paris Beggar Paris Blind Beggar Paris Market
Parisian Boy with Boats Peace Rally Preacher No 1 Preacher No. 2 Rescue Mission
Rockefeller Rome Scene Roper Jumper No 1 Roper Jumper No 2 Roper Jumper No 3
Siene View Singer Sitting Man Three Deutch Girls Unknown Soldier
Venice Bridge of Sighs Venice Canal Veniitian Sailors Vicki Posed on Boat Young Star Reader