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Snowy Egret
Blue-winged Teal

Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge

The Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge is part of the national system of wildlife refuges. It is located in northern Oklahoma near the hamlet of Jet along the Great Salt Plains Lake. The lake was formed by a dam on the Salt Fork of the Arkansas River. The refuge was established in 1930 and contains over 32,000 acres of protected land. It is habitat to about 312 species of birds and 30 species of mammals.

American Avocet

Avocets, a wading bird, are fairly common in shallow ponds, marshes and lakeshores. T hey feed by swinging their bills from side to side in shallow water, capturing small minnows and invertebrates.  American Avocets nest on open ground mostly in small groups sometimes with other waders. A pair will rear one brood per season, with both male and female providing parental care for the young. This species is migratory and mostly winters on the southern Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Mexico and the United States, Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, says.



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